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Those of us fortunate enough to live in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina are quick to realize how blessed we are.  With clean air, misty mornings, warm sun kissed summer days and cool crisp nights, the Great Smoky Mountains are not only an ideal place to live but also an ideal place to raise grapes.

We, at Eagle Fork Vineyards, have taken this wonderful environment one step further.  If you visit our winery early in the morning and stand along the cold rushing mountain stream that borders our vineyard you will hear the delicate soft sound of classical music that wake our grapes each and every new day.  The music is not just aesthetically pleasing but is based in science and steeped in romantic legend.


Science has shown that music drives the insects from the vines, while legend has it that the grapes absorb the music.  When the grapes are crushed and made into fine wine the music becomes one with the wine.  It is said if you listen carefully when the wine is opened you can hear the music flow from the bottle.

In our little valley we grow 9 varieties of grapes.  Our warm summer days and cool nights coax our grapes into producing the finest juice for our wine.

Come sit and enjoy our mountain view and listen to the wonderful sounds of Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart and Chopin and enjoy the taste of fine wine.